We develop cost efficient transportation solutions for distribution of goods & services in local markets across tier 2 and tier 3 Cities of India.


Our distribution logistics platform “DOST” helps businesses and transporters collaborate locally and optimise distribution logistics.

Why collaborate? Read the story from Indian mythology

What differentiates DOST Platform?


Local Knowledge

Every city has different challenges locally. We
provide expertise knowing and solving
local challenges.


Suply Chain Specific

Understanding the needs & requirements
based on what
is to be distributed and
plan accordingly.


Collaborative Approach

Co-developed by clients & stakeholders which reduces the cost of distribution in local markets


Technology Driven

Our DOST transporters are open to adopt technology and have mindset to
optimise your costs.

Mentored at start-up accelerator backed by Reliance Industries


What do we Offer

DOST offers cost effective transportation solutions for your everyday requirements and assured service.

DOST Micro App

Dost Micro App for just-in-time transportation of goods.

10 मिनट में जवाब की गारंटी

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DOST eDhan

Safe and transparent transportation of diesel from petrol pump to DG Set.

न मिलावट न ही डीज़ल की चोरी

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Collaborating for “Churning of the Ocean” called Indian Logistics

India will need many such “DOST” in every local market who can bring Devas, Asuras, Vasuki, Mandara and Shiva together for this gigantic churn and let the “Amrit” emerge.

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Cities are on “HOLD”– Rising traffic concerns in Indian Cities

DOST combines smart technology with local knowledge and collaborative approach to efficiently plan the goods traffic in the city and many more.

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DOSTea Point

A physical platform across the street enabling interaction between businesses, transporters and other stakeholders to collaborate & solve local logistics problems

What users of DOST Platform have to say?


DOST JOSH is a social Transportation service to transport joy on both sides i.e. to sender and receiver of goods . Experience the Josh of Sharing (JOSH).

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You can now find DOST in all major cities across India